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Anonymous said:

I love this anti-trans stuff. Followed. :)

I hate this anti-trans stuff.

I hate having to argue about this.

I hate it, it’s not fun, I take no joy in it.

I wish we all could just acknowledge basic human biology and apply the same logic we do when recognizing men’s privilege to recognizing transwomen’s leftover privilege and work from there to earn them basic human rights without infringing on women’s basic human rights.

I wish I wasn’t vilified and made to think I’m facilitating rape because I want to talk freely about my body.

I wish I wasn’t vilified because I want safety from male genitalia, for me and whoever else seeks it.

I wish we could fight for trans rights in a way that doesn’t co-opt and directly object to women’s liberation and women’s safety.

Do not misunderstand me; I fucking hate this.

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