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When radical feminists insult someone by saying they have a small penis…

u k?

Can we just examine why big dicks are valued in society? Big dicks are valued more by men because they hurt more, and have more potential to be used as a weapon. (Queue handmaidens coming out of the woodwork to tell me they just LOVE having their orifices overwhelmed by monster cock) A lot of the appeal for men in watching porn with men with huge dicks is because it’s harder for the women to handle. Men get satisfaction and validation when they hurt a woman during penetration, because that must mean they’re big, and big dick +  hurting women = manly. So can we like, not uphold patriarchal values about dick size? 

This community has definitely fallen off a little bit… the self examination just isn’t there like it used to be and shit like this is slipping through the cracks.

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